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Kalyan Saving & Crerdit Co-operative Ltd.

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Saving & Credit CO-operative LTD.

Kalyan Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd is situated at the busy commercial center in Lalitpur, operation by the reputedl local groups, following under well management.
Specific contributions intended for the economic and social welfare of general civic, alertness as regard to saving, assisting daily basis transaction of venture, time benefiting together with quick portable unproblematic topmost financial services are just a few of countless amenities to endow with.

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MR.Lila Bahadur. Gurung

With unified, diversified and integrated vision to establish as one of the leading co-operative finance, we are highly committed at servicing differently by customizing customers financial needs.

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Collaboration of associates with a tailored and high tech financial transaction services yet commenced deprived of permitting continuance to the alternatives emerging growth of financial institute but is based on real money and promotes real economy.

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Kalyan Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd.
Manbhawan-20, Lalitpur,Nepal
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